Wednesday, 17 July 2024


Fronta-kun, the official mascot of Kawasaki Frontale, is a bit difficult to explain. Though his very large running cleats are a bit misleading, Fronta-kun is supposed to be a dolphin. This choice seem a bit odd, because even though Kawasaki does border on Tokyo Bay, the city has little association with the sea.  Most people are more familiar with the city's long stretch of riverfront exposure on the Tamagawa and Kanagawa rivers. More than a few "conspiracy theorists" note that Kawasaki's two prefectural "derby rivals", Yokohama Marinos and Shonan Bellmare, were both J.League members already when the team was launched, and both had mascots and team concepts based on the sea (Yokohama's seagull in a sailor's cap, and Bellmare's God of the Sea). The theory goes that team founders didn't give it too much thought, and simply followed the lead of their neighbors .

Even those who are skeptical about this explanation will admit that Fronta-kun is a bit of a misfit. Unlike many other teams, Frontale never gave him a female counterpart (then again, neither did Marinos or Bellmare). Instead, the team has attracted a multitude of other assorted mascots who represent major sponsors. There is a large white turnip known as "Kaburera", who is recognised as an "official" team mascot; a black, sinister-looking dolphin known as "Warunta", and occasional guests which have included a carton of french fries, a milk cow, and many more. Much as we love the J.League's burgeoning crowd of official characters, Frontale is one team that may be taking the concept a bit too far . . . 

 Team Uniforms (2000-present)

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