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Kamatamare Sanuki

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Kamatamare Sanuki got its start as a loosely organized team of graduates from Takamatsu Commercial High School, and has been known by numerous monikers over the years, from "Takamatsu HS Old Boys" to "Kagawa Purple Clouds FC" , "Sun Life FC" and "Takamatsu FC". The current name is based on two names derived from the history of the prefecture. "Kamatamare" refers to the prefecture's beautiful coastline, and "Sanuki" is the ancient name for Kagawa prefecture.

Kamatamare took its current name in 2006, and thereafter made rapid progress through the amateur ranks, and was in line to become a founding member of the J3, but in 2013 it defeated Gainare Tottori in the promotion/ relegation playoff and advanced straight into the J2. Since adopting the Sanuki moniker, the team's unofficial mascot has been based on the local culinary specialty, "Sanuki Udon", which is a type of cooked noodles with a raw egg on top. 

Team Name:



Team Flag:

Home Uniform -- Away Uniform

Management Corporation: --
Established: 2010
President: --
Investors: --.
Address: 1059-13 Nishi-Kasugamachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 761-8051

Hometown Area: Takamatsu City and Kagawa Prefecture

Home Stadium: Kagawa (Pikara) Stadium (capacity: 22,338)

Joined J. League:  2014