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Yokohama FC

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The logo mark of Yokohama FC is an apt symbol -- like the phoenix, this team really did arise from the ashes to live again. Yokohama FC was (re)formed in 1998, by members of the former Yokohama Flugels fan club. The Flugels were a relatively successful J.League team that was suddenly abandoned by its corporate sponsors in 1998.

The backlash was more powerful and emotional than anyone could have expected, particularly in traditionally peaceful, stoic Japan. Flugels fans vented their fury on the team sponsors, and even took control of the corporate offices of ANA while demanding that the team be revived. Despite this powerful grassroots support, the best they could manage was to force the Japan Football Association to register them as a new JFL franchise. Several players stuck with the team, and former German World Cup captain Pierre Littbarsky came on board as coach. The result was a rapid return to the J.League (albeit division 2) just three years after the Flugels had been disbanded.

Since the team regained its J.League spot, however, the history of the club has been a bit more disappointing. Weakened finances and an over-emphasis on veteran players have held the team back, and as illustrated by the new mascot (an alien-looking creature called Fulimaru), management has turned its back on the past. While it makes sense to focus on the future, right now Yokohama FC appears to be stuck in time and space, unsure of what its legacy is supposed to be.

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Management Corporation: Yokohama Fulie Sports Club Co., Ltd..
Established: 12 December 1998
President: Yasuhiko Okudera
Investors: YNisso Corp., Sekido Co., Ltd..,Bosch K.K., SSK Corp., etc.
Address: 2565-2 Kozukue-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222-0036

Hometown Area: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Home Stadium: Yokohama Mitsuzawa Stadium (capacity: 15,046)
Joined J. League: 1992* / 2001

*as Yokohama Flugels