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Blaublitz Akita

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Blaublitz Akita was only created in 2010, but prior to its birth as an independent entity, it had a fairly long history as the company team of TDK, which was formed in 1965. During the JSL era, it was even a reasonably competitive team, rising as high as the second "nationwide level" in 1985 and 1986. Following the reorganization which accompanied the creation of the J.League, TDK remained a fairly strong regional power, often vying for the title in the Tohoku League. But prior to 2006, TDK had never managed to make its way through the nationwide playoffs to claim a spot in the JFL. The team's extraordinary performance in the Nationwide Regional League Championship Tournament in December 2006 surprised everyone -- including TDK themselves. This success provided the momentum that would lead TDK to grant the club independence at the end of 2009.

The name "Blaublitz" was cobbled together in typical J.League fashion, by combining words from a foreign language which seemed appropriate to the local area, or the team itself. TDK has always used a blue logo, and its long history as an amateur club was played in bright blue uniforms, so the German words for "Blue Lightning" were adopted as the new club moniker. The team mascot is something of a disappointment. Most fans hoped that Blaublitz woud adopt an "oni" (demon) like the one on the team logo, but instead they settled for a dragon named "BB".

Team Name:



Team Flag:

Home Uniform -- Away Uniform

Management Corporation:
Established: 2010
President: Kosuke Hirose
Investors: Consortium of investors including TDK, etc.
Address: 3-1-7 Sanno, Akita City, Akita Prefecture 010-0951

Hometown Area: Akita City, Akita Prefecture
Home Stadium: Akita Yatsuhashi Stadium (capacity: 40,000)
Joined J. League: 2014