Saturday, 23 October 2021


 When Blaublitz Akita received its independence from TDK, in 2010, the launch of the team logo and flag designs, with their impressively grimacing demon at the centre was a source of delight for fans throughout the country. Most expected that when the team reached the J.League, it would launch a mascot based on this "oni" character. There was even a great deal of preparation and design work as fans tried to design a suitable mascot character. When you see some of these early efforts -- such as the unofficial mascot who turned up at Akita Stadium in 2012 -- it is hard to restrain your shock at the direction the team eventually chose.

Rather than follow the hints provided by their team logo, Blaublitz chose to appoint a dragon named "BB" as their mascot.

Nothing epitomizes the meaning of "disappointment" better than this.

Old Uniforms

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