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Fujieda MyFC

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Fujieda MyFC was formed in 2009 on the "fan participation model" pioneered by Ebbsfleet United, in England. However, to avoid having to start off at the very bottom of the Japanese football pyramid, the organizers grafted the new club name and organization onto an existing club known as Shizuoka FC. Even before it was commandeered by the MyFC movement, Shizuoka FC had the backing of some powerful figures in Japanese football, who adopted the club as a "pet project". The Noya brothers -- Yoshiro and Tadao -- had close ties to the family of Kazuyoshi and Yasutoshi Miura (indeed, Kazu refers to Tadao Noya as "the man who raised me as a footballer"). The support of these men was enough to turn Shizuoka FC, almost overnight, into one of the Tokai Regional League's strongest teams.

MyFC made its first venture into "the real world" by taking over a small local club called Fujieda City Hall, which had a long history and a marvelous stadium, but not much else. the following year -- 2010 -- the newly minted Fujieda MyFC convinced Shizuoka FC to merge with it and create a team that actually stood a good chance of advancing to the J.League. That dream came true four years later, when it was one of the founding members of the J.League's third division (J3)

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Hometown Area: Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Home Stadium: Fujieda Stadium (capacity: 20,668)

Joined J. League: 2014