Thursday, 07 July 2022


Yup, that's right . . . . Vanta-kun is a Squid. That is the explanation for his uniform number, no doubt. In most Asian cultures the number 8 is considered a lucky number, so Vanta-kun can serve as both a symbol of the local culture and local fisheries industry, as well as a good luck charm. So far we have not had reason to use a term of endearment for the new team from Hachinohe. The Mighty Squids sound a little bit corny, but who knows . . . it may catch on.

Vanraure Hachinohe -- Team Uniforms (2014-present)

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2014 (H) 2015 (H) 2016 (H) 2016 (A) 2017 (H) 2017 (A)
2018 (H) 2018 (A) 2019 (H) 2019 (A) 2020 (H) 2020 (A)