Sunday, 16 June 2024



Oita Trinita stubbornly avoided selecting a mascot for so many years, many people got the impresssion that the club thought mascots were too 'cute" for a football team. That impression was shattered when they finally broke down and unveiled "Neetan" -- a cuddly turtle that makes even Ardija's squirrel mascot look like a tough guy.

Neetan is clearly the product of a very slick (if slightly deranged) public relations and advertising company. Among other features, he has a shell that is segmented in the same pattern as a soccer ball, and cleats that have the same design. If that were not enough, there is a map of Oita Prefecture on the back of his shell, and little wings that pop out of his carapace. Unfortunately, as it turned out, even those wings were not enough to keep Neetan and Trinita in the "top-flight".

Oita Trinita -- Team Uniforms (1995-present)

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