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When Ryukyu were admitted to the J.League, they refrained from naming a mascot despite the fact that the team crest featured a pair of very impressive-looking Okinawan Lion-dogs ("shishi"). Most fans and third-party observers assumed that eventually the Shishi on the team crest would be adopted as the mascot.

But in recent years, there have been more than a few odd choices of mascot. Rather than make the most obvious choice, FCRyukyu held an open competition for mascot submissions. This tactic has been used previously by a number of teams, usually with very disappointing results. Sure enough, when the winning entry was announced, more than a few Ryukyu fans were gobsmacked by the choice. "Jimbeinho", as the team named him, is a type of manta ray which is common in Okinawa. The name "Jimbeinho" was concocted by taking a part of the Japanese name for this ray, and adding an ersatz Portuguese ending.

FC Ryukyu -- Team Uniforms (2004-present)

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