Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Van-kun and Foret-chan

Ventforet did not have an official mascot when it first joined the league, and for a while, the black humour of some fans led them to adopt "Mr. Baghead"  (a Ventforet supporter with a paper bag over his head) as an unofficial mascot. But after the team restructured in 2002, and began to achieve some degree of success, there was naturally a desire on the part of team officials to banish memories of Mr. Baghead once and for all.

In 2006, the team unveiled an official mascot named "Van", based on a famous local breed of dog known as the "Kai dog". Van quickly caught on with fans, and was even voted the most popular mascot in the J.League in 2010. At about the same time, Van was joined by his girlfriend, "Foret". Supporters in Kofu have clearly gone to the dogs.


Ventforet Kofu-- Team Uniforms (2001-present)

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2001 (H) 2001 (A) 2002 (H) 2002 (A) 2003 (H) 2003 (A)
2004 (H) 2004 (A) 2005 (H) 2005 (A) 2006 (H) 2006 (A)
2007 (H) 2007 (A) 2008 (H) 2008 (A) 2009 (H) 2009 (A)
2010 (H) 2010 (A) 2011 (H) 2011 (A) 2012 (H) 2012 (A)
2013 (H) 2013 (A) 2014 (H) 2014 (A) 2015 (H) 2015 (A)
2016 (A) 2016 (H) 2017 (A) 2017 (H) 2018 (A) 2018 (H)
2019 (A) 2019 (H) 2020 (A) 2020 (H) 2021 (A) 2021 (H)
2022 (A) 2022 (H) 2023 (A) 2023 (H)