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Mito Hollyhock's mascot is a dragon named Holly-kun. Although Japanese (and many other Asian) readers will consider his appearance "normal", westerners may be surprised by the appearance of Asian dragons. Certainly the sweeping mustache, long flowing hair and beard are a bit odd, but it is the antlers on his head that may strike westerners as most incongruous. However, as fans of Hollyhock will be quick to point out, this is the traditional image of dragons in Asia. The dragons of both Chinese and Japanese folklore have large forked antlers. Only a true troublemaker would suggest that this was an obsequious gesture to the team's Ibaraki prefecture neighbours. 

Unlike many other teams, Holly-kun has remained a steadfast bachelor, with no female companion or co-mascot. . . at least not yet. But then, dragons tend to live for thousands of years, so Holly-kun is still young enough to be in the market for a mate.

Mito Hollyhock -- Team Uniforms (2001-present)

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