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Albi-kun, Swan-chan

The Albirex mascot, like the team's name, is derived from the image of a white swan. The constellation Cygnus (the swan), a very visible feature of the northern sky, has certain historical connections for people in the Hokuriku region. Since the team chose its name based on this constellation: the swan, or "White King" of the northern sky (White = "Albi" and king = "rex" in latin), it was only natural that their mascot should be a White Swan. Following the lead of several other teams, Albi-kun was given a "partner" in 2002, in the form of his "wife", Swan-chan. This doubled the possibilities for merchandise sales. Apparently this was a success, because a complete the family of three kids were added in 2008. Their names are "Ah" "Roo" and "Bee", which (in case you were wondering) spell out  the word "Albi" in phonetic characters.

Albirex Niigata -- Team Uniforms (1999-present)

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1999-00 (H) * 2001 (H) 2001 (A) 2002 (H) 2002 (A)
2003 (H) 2003 (A) 2004 (H) 2004 (A) 2005 (H) 2005 (A)
2006 (H) 2006 (A) 2007 (H) 2007 (A) 2008 (H) 2008 (A)
2009 (H) 2009 (A) 2010 (H) 2010 (A) 2011 (H) 2011 (A)
2012 (H) 2012 (A) 2013 (H)  2013 (A)  2014 (H) 2014 (A) 
2015 (H) 2015 (A) 2016 (H)  2016 (A)  2017 (H) 2017 (A) 
2018 (H)  2018 (A)  2019 (H)  2019 (A)  2020 (H)  2020 (A)