Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium

Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

While some J.League clubs make do with substandard stadiums, Vissel Kobe is in the rare position of having two top-class facilities in very convenient locations. Of course, the premier venue in the city is the brand-new, soccer-only Kobe Wing Stadium, which serves as a World Cup venue in 2002. However, Kobe Universiade stadium is actually a larger facility, with a capacity of over 60,000.

Although Universiade Stadium is a multi-purpose facility, it does not seem as remote or cold as many such facilities. Architecturally, it is similar to Hiroshima's "Big Arch", with a small domed roof over the main stand and a big, amphitheater-like bowl for the back stand. It CAN seem somewhat stark when hosting a small crowd of 6,000 to 8,000, but when it is full, Universiade can be a very lively venue.

Universiade is also located close to the city, with easy access just a short walk from a local subway station. The stadium has seen less use since Wing Stadium became operational, but there have been some problems with pitch conditions at the newer facility, and since it offers room for an extra 20,000 fans, it the venue of choice for key matches and/or a championship match.

Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium

Location:Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture   Capacity: 60,000+
Home Team(s): Vissel Kobe   Completed: 1985

Stadium Access

From Shin-Kobe Station, in downtown Kobe, take the city subway Yamate Line bound towards Seishi Chuo. Get off at the "Sogo Undo Koen" (Kobe Athletics Park) exit. The stadium is about an eight minute walk, through the park.

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