Komazawa Olympic Stadium

Setagaya Ward, Tokyo

Komazawa Olympic Stadium was built and used as the main venue for football matches during the Tokyo Olympic Games, in 1964. Along with Omiya Stadium and Tokyo National Stadium, therefore, it represents a piece of history, as the place where football interest in Japan was born and nurtured. Though the years have passed this stadium by, and it no longer is used by any professional teams, it retains a very interesting architectural and inspirational character that is missing from many of the newer facilities in Japan, despite their high-tech features. One side of the stadium is bounded by unique triangular walls, which not only give the stadium its unique architectural feel, but also double as roofing sections which shield fans from both wind and rain (though only those sitting in the upper tiers of the main stands).

Although no mens' football teams currently use the facility for professional matches, the Japan women's team has held a number of matches at the stadium in recent years. This is a tribute not only to its historical significance, but also to the fact that it is a convenient size (seating just less than 30,000) and is located in a very convenient location, just outside the main "ring" of the city formed by Tokyo's Yamanote line.

Throughout the 1990s, Komazawa Stadium was used as an alternate venue by many Kanto-area teams, including even Kashima Antlers and Shimizu S-Pulse. However, the facility was poorly maintained and by the end of the century the J.League stopped certifying it for us (at least in J1)

Komazawa Olympic Stadium

Location:Setagaya Ward Town, Tokyo   Capacity: 22,900
Home Team(s): --   Completed: 1962

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