Edogawa Stadium

Edogawa Ward, Tokyo

Edogawa Stadium is not a particularly good football venue. Its plan is identical to that of so many other multi-purpose stadiums in Japan, and this one has a particularly broad running track, putting fans so far from the action that you might as well be watching on TV. If that were not enough, a freeway overpass runs right along one end of the stadium, close enough for debris tossed from a truck window to land on the "away" fans. As a result, the roar of the crowd is usually drowned out by the roat of traffic buzzing by overhead.

Yet Edogawa Stadium is conveniently located, on a main rail line in eastern Tokyo, and it has one particularly interesting claim to fame: The Brazil national team played a friendly match there (as the pictures below prove), taking on Poland in a warm-up contest prior to World Cup 2002.

Edogawa Stadium has long hosted matches for JFL clubs, and for a while, Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo called the stadium home. Yokogawa Musashino FC still plays there on occasion, as do teams like Tokyo23-ku FC.

Edogawa Stadium

Location:Edogawa Ward, Tokyo   Capacity: 16,000
Home Team(s): Several JFL clubs   Completed: 1974

Stadium Access

From JR Edogawabashi Station,

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Pictures of Edogawa Stadium