Thursday, 18 August 2022

Samurai Blue Reports

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Samurai Blue do the Mon-GOOOOOOOOAAALLL-ia

On a balmy Tuesday evening in Chiba, a somewhat "understrength" Samurai Blue lineup engraved their names in history with a new Japan record for the most goals scored in a FIFA "A" match.

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Samurai Blue Sparkle in First Test of 2021

The Samurai Blue played South Korea off the pitch, on Thursday evening, in one of the best TEAM performances that we have seen in close to a decade.

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Olympians Starting to Look Like ... Olympians

Japan's Olympic Team made their Prime Time debut on Saturday, in chilly Nagasaki. The Young Samurai set the pitch alight, and gave fans a pleasant winter dream for the coming New Year.

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Dull Day for Samurai Blue

The Samurai Blue played Cameroon to a scoreless draw in Utrecht, on Friday afternoon local time. It was a competent performance, but certainly nothing to stir the pulse.

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Hong Kong Kablooie

The Samurai Blue continued their experiments at the East Asian Cup, trotting out a host of debutants for the match against Hong Kong. The final result flatters them slightly, but the prospective Tokyo Olympians coasted to victory on a hat trick by Samurai Blue newcomer Koki Ogawa.

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Stand-ins Stumped by Saudis

The Young Samurai Blue started the year 2020 with an abject performance and a loss against Saudi Arabia. So should we be worried?

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The New Era Has ... Arrived?

The East Asian Cup opened on Tuesday evening, with a host of fresh new faces for the Samurai Blue faithful to run the rule over. The best new debutante of all was not a player, although most J.League fans have come to know it very well over the past decade.

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