Created: Thursday, 06 October 2016
Written by Matsu

Japan - Iraq

Japan's campaign for a berth in the 2018 World Cup received an enormous boost on Thursday evening, as birthday boy Hotaru Yamaguchi's injury-time blast carried Japan past the Lions of Mesopotamia, and put their qualification campaign back on track.

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Created: Tuesday, 04 October 2016
Written by Alan Gibson

Emperor's Cup 4th Round / Last 16 draw

The JFL has released a schedule of the Emperor's Cup games to be played Nov. 9 and 12

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Created: Wednesday, 14 September 2016
Written by Alan Gibson

What To Do When the J.League Season is Over


What to Do When the J.League Season Is Over?!

The end of the J.League 2019 season is just around the corner. It has been a thrilling
campaign, particularly at the top of J1, with Kashima Antlers, Yokohama F.Marinos and FC Tokyo still with a shot of the crown with five games to go... but soon the exciting story lines will
conclude, leaving a need to be entertained and to compete until the top division of Japanese
football gets underway once again.

In the modern day, the go-to source for entertainment is gaming, but despite the dedicated
fan base for football in Japan, the licensed video games aren’t among the best sellers. It was
found that FIFA 19 on the PlayStation 4 was only the 49th best-selling game of last year, with
the Nintendo Switch – the console of choice – version of FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 sitting back at
73rd and 78th – likely due to the lackluster porting efforts of publisher Electronic Arts. So here, we’ll be looking into a few different gaming options that provide the excitement of football, whether the competition is in a huge virtual stadium or simply through the thrills of engaging with game-play features.

Battle in Huge Football-Themed Stadiums

One of the biggest releases of the year, if not the biggest, is going to be Pokémon Sword and
Pokémon Shield. Finally boasting real open-world game-play and featuring on a home
console, the Nintendo Switch, everyone is hyped for the newest game. Based in Great Britain,
Sword and Shield will bring in a new wave of Pokémon, new ways to interact, and new
activities to enjoy. The developers, Game Freak, have gone all-out to invoke as many
elements from their theme as possible, which includes drawing from Britain’s insatiable love
of football.

Instead of battling gym leaders in their own building, away from prying eyes, major battles in
Pokemon Sword and Shield take place in packed stadiums filled with cheering fans. Game
Freak wanted to add as much gravitas to the occasion as possible, so they’ve also included
the giant Pokémon feature of Dynamaxing. On top of this, certain Pokémon can Gigantamax,
which alters their appearance and moves with specific monsters, such as Charizard, Corviknight, Drednaw, and Pikachu.

Seeking Football Thrills Elsewhere

If you don’t own a Nintendo Switch, or prefer more adult and sophisticated games, one of the
best hubs for entertainment online is the casino. Manekichi is specifically built for Japanese
gamers, offering a diverse range of games that includes some features that will immerse you in
football once again. The pick of the bunch is Mundial Fever as it features Diego Maradona,
Pele, Zinedine Zidane, and even a penalty shoot-out feature.

Baseball and rugby games are, understandably, dominating the mobile gaming charts in Japan
right now, per SimilarWeb, but Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer app is still the best mobile
football game going. Adapted from the console game with a massive mobile audience, the
updated app of eFootball PES 2020 now boasts the licenses for Barcelona, Bayern Munich,
Manchester United, and, exclusively, Juventus, among others.

The J.League season may be reaching its concluding chapter for 2019, but there are plenty
of games ready and waiting to give you

Created: Wednesday, 13 July 2016
Written by Matsu


J1 Teams Still Trying to Make a Mark

Kawasaki Frontale is the only undefeated team, after three weeks of play, but none of the presumptive favourites has really set itself apart from the pack.

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Created: Saturday, 09 July 2016
Written by Matsu

JSoccer Speaks with David Camhi

Recently, in China, Lionel Piguet had the chance, on behalf of JSoccer Magazine to meet David Camhi, a passionate French coach who, for four years worked under Philippe Troussier, at Shenzhen Ruby, CS Sfaxien in Tunisia, and then back in China at Hangzhou Greentown.

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Created: Saturday, 09 July 2016
Written by Matsu

JSoccer Magazine Talks to Philippe Troussier

In issue 20 of JSoccer Magazine, Lionel Piguet conducted an extended interview with Philippe Troussier, former Japan National Team coach, who has recently coached in China's booming Super League, as well as holding a management position for several years at FC Ryukyu.

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Created: Monday, 09 May 2016
Written by Matsu

Why Are You Reading This?

Dont worry -- its a rhetorical question. But many of you are probably wondering what is up with the new-look For the full story of how we got here, and an account of what a long strange trip it's been, read on . . . . .

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Created: Monday, 09 May 2016
Written by Matsu

Japan - UAE

Japan kicked off its campaign for the 2018 World Cup this week with matches against the UAE and Thailand. The UAE contest included every single problem that anyone has ever criticised or bemoaned about Asian football. And I do mean everything

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