Hachinohe Taga Multipurpose Stadium

aka "Daihatsu Stadium" Ichikawa-cho Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture

Hachinohe Taga Multipurpose Stadium, also known as "Daihatsu Stadium", is the home ground of Grulla Morioka. The official seating capacity of 5,200 is a misleading figure, as it does not include the large grassy expanses in both end zones. Actual capacity is something over 12,000.

Hachinohe Taga Multipurpose Stadium aka "Daihatsu Stadium" Stadium

Location:Ichikawa-cho Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture   Capacity: 5,200*
Home Team(s): Vanraure Hachinohe   Completed: 2016

Stadium Access

From JR Hachinohe Station, board the Hachinohe City Bus bound for [Tagadai Danchi]. Get off at Ichikawa bus stop, which is in sight of the stadium (a 5 minute walk to the front gate). The bus ride takes about 25 minutes,

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Ticket Prices

General admission:
Adults Y; Children Y
Reserved seats:
Adults Y; Children Y


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