Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu

Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu is one of the newest facilities in the J.League. It serves as home to Giravanz Kitakyushu, who only joined the pro ranks in 2010.

Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu

Location: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture   Capacity: 15,300
Home Team(s): Giravanz Kitakyusu   Completed: 2016

Stadium Access

Mikuni Stadium is one of the most conveniently located facilities in the J.League, ranking just behind Tosu Stadium - which is a LITERAL stone's throw from JR Tosu Station. Mikuni is listed as "a ten-minute walk" from Ogura Station, on the Sanyo Shinkansen and JR Sanyo Lines, but a groundhopper from Niigata says he measured it - with a surveying tape roll - at 800 meters. And if you are interested in "making a big entrance," it is possible to access the stadium from your private yacht (or better yet, a water taxi from across the bay in Yamaguchi Prefecture). There is a dock behind the back stands (the far sideline from a TV viewer's perspective), which has its own direct access to the stands.

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Ticket Prices

General admission:  Adults Y; Children Y
Back Stand : Adults Y; Children Y
Main Stand S : Adults Y; Children Y
Main Stand SS: Adults Y; Children Y

Pictures of Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu