Mito Hitachidai Stadium

aka; "K's Denki Stadium"
Naka Town, Ibaraki Prefecture

Mito Stadium was the first stadium used by Mito Hollyhock, but despite a good location, the facility was too decrepit and "too big for football" Hollyhock therefore began to hold most of its matches at the slightly-less-boring but equally featureless Kasamatsu Stadium. Eventually, the city backed an upgrade that made Hitachidai much more comfortable . . . but still rather sterile, Even now, the enormous distance between stands and the pitch make it hard for Hollyhock fans to generate much noise. 

Mito Stadium

Location:Naka Town, Ibaraki Prefecture   Capacity: 14,000
Home Team(s): Mito Hollyhock (alternate stadium)   Completed: 1962

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