Urawa Komaba Stadium

Urawa City, Saitama Prefecture

Komaba Stadium would have to rank on the low end of the scale in a list of J.League Stadiums, in almost every category of comfort, convenience and viewing quality, yet the stadium has a charm and character all its own. Probably that derives from the history of the stadium and its fans. Komaba Stadium has been rebuilt several times since it was first completed in September 1967. Each time, the construction attempted to expand the capacity to handle the horde of Urawa Reds fans that inundated the area for every home match. Yet even after the final expansion, in August 1995, the capacity of 21,500 was completely inadequate for the purposes of hosting the most fanatically supported team in the J.League

Beginning in 2002, the Reds began holding most of their home matches at the brand-new Saitama Stadium. Yet for Reds nostalgia buffs, there will still be some matches held at the old Komaba stomping grounds. Komaba Stadium suffers from just about every drawback that can be named. It is a 25-30 minute walk from the nearest train station, and traffic on game days is so bad that the bus ride usually takes longer than walking. The stands are open, and the only retreat from the elements can be found underneath the second deck (which covers less than half of the lower deck). A wide running track and deep end zones put fans far from the action. Yet somehow when Komaba Stadium fills up with a crowd of roaring, raving Reds fans, it is a truly euphoric place to be. Despite the drawbacks, this has to be viewed as a positive. It would be a shame to entirely lose the tradition and atmosphere of this inconvenient, uncomfortable, yet oddly beautiful stadium

Urawa Komaba Stadium

Location:Urawa City, Saitama Prefecture   Capacity: 21,500
Home Team(s): Urawa Red Diamonds   Completed: 1967 (rfb: 1993/95)

Stadium Access

From JR Minami Urawa Station, on the JR Keihin-Tohoku line, it is a 20 minute walk to the stadium. There are free shuttle buses on match days that leave from in front of Isetan Department Store, outside the west exit of Minami Urawa station. Shuttle buses also operate from the north exit of Higashi Urawa station on the JR Musashno line. Although the driving time from station to stadium is normally about 10 to 15 minutes, on match days the traffic jams often turn the trip into a 30 minute bus ride, or more, so it is best to arrive early.

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Ticket Prices

General admission:
Adults Y2,000; Children Y1,000
SB Zone Reserved:
SA Zone Reserved:
S Zone Reserved:
SS Zone (Season tickets):

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