Kagoshima Kamoike Stadium

Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Kamoike Stadium was used as an alternate location for J.League matches on occasion, usually by one of the Kyushu-based teams. Although football is very popular in the Kagoshima area, the local team, Volca Kagoshima, did not reach the J.League until 2018, as Kagoshima United. In the mean time, the league provided local fans with a show from time to time, at this very picturesque (at least in terms of the views) stadium.

Architecturally, Kamoike is no different from so many other multipurpose stadiums built during the same era, though it does have an unusually large capacity, at around 36,000.

Kagoshima Kamoike Stadium

Location:Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture   Capacity: 35,900
Home Team(s): Volca Kagoshima   Completed: 1976

Stadium Access

From JR Kagoshima Station,

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