Sapporo Atsubetsu Stadium

Atsubetsu Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

Atsubetsu Stadium was the original home of Consadole Sapporo, before Sapporo Dome was built, and it continues to be the venue for many of Sapporo's matches. Since it is much smaller than the dome, it is used for matches that are expected to draw smaller crowds. In addition, the outdoor air is more refreshing, especially during the warm and sunny summer months. However, as stadiums go, Atsubetsu has little to recommend it. The stadium is a clone of all the other multipurpose grounds scattered across the Japanese archipelago, with a fairly nondescript press box and a ring of uncovered stands surrounding the track. Sapporo Dome is ceratinly a more unique venue, with seating closer to the action.

Sapporo Atsubetsu Stadium

Location:Atsubetsu Town, Hokkaido Prefecture   Capacity: 20,005
Home Team(s): Consadole Sapporo   Completed: 1980

Stadium Access

Atsubetsu Stadium is located closest to Oyachi station, on the Sapporo subway line. From Shin Sapporo station, on the JR Chitose line, board the subway and take it to the second stop (Oyachi station). From there, it is about a 20 minute walk to the stadium. There are also shuttle buses available at the central bus terminal in front of the subway station. Take the bus to "Hiraoka 9-jo 3-chome" bus stop, which is right in front of the stadium

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