Thursday, 03 December 2020

"Fukuari" Stadium 
(Chiba Fukuda Electric Arena) 

Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture

The Fukuda Electric Arena is redundantly referred to by most fans as "Fukuari Stadium" (from "FUKUda AREna"). This comes off sounding a bit redundant:  which is it? an arena? or a stadium? Well, it is actually one of the newer J.League stadiums, completed in 2005. For fans of JEF United, who spent their early J.League years at the cramped and cold surroundings of Ichihara Seaside, this is a dramatic change indeed. It is easily one of Japan's best football-only facilities, with easy and convenient access and an ample seating capacity.

The atmosphere is such a dramatic change from the conditions at Ichihara Seaside that an original promise to play a few of its home matches at the old facility, each year, was abandoned almost immediately. Anyone who can claim to be unimpressed after one look at this beautiful facility, with its sculpted roof and airy design, and close proximity to the pitch, DESERVES to spend their Saturday afternoons on the chilly Ichihara shoreline.

Fukuda Electric Arena

Location: Soga City, Chiba Prefecture   Capacity: 18,500
Home Team(s): JEF United Ichihara   Completed: 2005


Stadium Access

From JR Soga Station, on the JR Uchibo line, it is just a quick 8 minute walk from the west exit of the station to the stadium's main gate.

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Ticket Prices

General admission:
Adults Y2,500; Children Y900
A Zone Unreserved:
Adults Y3,000; Children Y1,300
S Zone Reserved:
S Zone Reserved:
SS Box seats: