Mizuho Athletic Stadium

Mizuho Town, Aichi Prefecture

Mizuho Stadium is the oldest facility currently used by a J.League team, having been built more than 50 years ago, in 1947. Although anyone deserves a certain level of respect when they reach such an advanced age, it is hard to say too many positive things about this facility. The condition of the grounds may be "reasonably good for a 50-year-old facility", that really is not saying much. The stands are built on the standard pattern for the era -- a single high home stand with a small roof covering only the "prestige" seats, and a ring of bleacher-like seats running entirely around the rest of the stadium. As one can gather from the stadium's name, it is a multipurpose facility, with a very wide running track and deep end zones.

Access to the stadium is reasonably good, with a major train station within walking distance. Since the stadium was built shortly after the war, land was not at a premium, as it is today, so it was still possible to build a large sports facility close to the city. As mentioned on the page for Toyota Stadium, Grampus has already begun scheduling many of their home matches at the newer facility, and considering how poor Mizuho does in a comparison of the two facilities (a bit like comparing five-star pate to dog food), it seems likely that more and more of Nagoya's home matches will be scheduled at Toyota in the future.

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 Mizuho Athletic Stadium

Location:Mizuho Town, Aichi Prefecture   Capacity: 27,000
Home Team(s): Nagoya Grampus   Completed: 1947 


Stadium Access

Mizuho Stadium is easily accessible from the Nagoya subway system. The closest exit on the main Sakuradori (No. 6) subway line is "Mizuho Undojo" (Mizuho Stadium). Depart from one of the east exits and follow the main road that branches off Sakura Dori, for about a ten minute walk.

Mizuho East station, a brand new station on the No. 4 subway line, is slightly closer. Follow the main road that intersects with Tanabe Dori, for about a seven minute walk.

There are also city buses from the main bus terminal in downtown Nagoya (near JR Kaneyama station) which leave from bus terminal # 5 and are clearly labeled, in English, "to Mizuho Stadium".

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Ticket Prices

General admission:
Adults Y2,200; Children Y1,200
Cat. 4 Reserved:
Adults Y3,500; Children Y2,500
Cat. 3 Reserved:
Adults Y4,000 
Cat. 2 Reserved:
Cat. 1 Reserved: