Nishikyogyoku Stadium

Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Nishikyogoku Stadium is a very typical (=very boring) mid-seventies-type multi-purpose stadium, with the obligatory square roof over the "prestige seats" and a ring of bleacher-like stands around the wide running track. Although some multipurpose stadiums of this type and era can display a certain "antique" charm, Nishikyogoku is simply cold and sterile. Perhaps the fact that it is usually close to empty contributes to the feeling of sterility. But much as the soccer fans in Kyoto deserve criticism for their lack of support for their team, one trip to the stadium and it is easy to see why Purple Sanga fans feel little desire to attend the matches.

About the only good thing that can be said about Nishikyogoku is that it is easy to get to. Access is excellent, with a major train station just outside the stadium park entrance. Considering this fact, it is all the more embarrassing that Kyoto Purple Sanga can only draw a few thousand fans to their home matches. In the final J2 match of 2001, when visitors Vegalta Sendai were playing for promotion to the top division, Sendai fans, who traveled over 700 kilometers to reach the stadium, nevertheless outnumbered Kyoto fans by at least 4 to 1! 


Nishikyogoku Stadium

Location:  Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture   Capacity: 20,668
Home Team(s):  Kyoto Sanga   Completed: 1942


Stadium Access

As noted above, access to Nishikyogoku is quite good. The Hanyu Kyoto line has a station right in front of the park entrance, named (not surprisingly) Nishikyogoku station. A transfer from the JR train network is a bit more complicated. You can take the city subway to Yonjo station, and transfer there to the Hankyu network or, alternatively, catch a bus from the North exit of Kyoto Station. Bus #73 leaves from the C5 bus stand, and takes about 35 minutes to arrive at the Nishikygoku Park bus stop ("Nishikyogoku Undo Koen Mae").

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Ticket Prices

General admission:
Adults Y1,500; Children Y800
A Reserved seats:
Adults Y2,000; Children Y1,000
Back Stand S:
Adults Y2,500; Children Y1,300 
Main Stand S:
Adults Y3,500; Children Y1,800 
SS Zone Reserved: