Omiya Park Stadium
(aka "Nack 5 Stadium"

Omiya City, Saitama Prefecture

Omiya Stadium is one of the oldest soccer-only facilities in Japan. It was one of several facilities that was built to host the Tokyo Olympics, where it was used for several early-round soccer matches. Although the stands are rather featureless, with the open banks of bleachers and small press box and roof in the home stands that was typical for that era, it can be a very cozy and intimate venue, especially when filled with fans.

Apart from the fact that it hosted some Olympic matches, during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Omiya Stadium's big claim to fame is the fact that Maradona played there, when just a boy of 17, in a youth soccer championship match. Many young Japanese players who seek to emulate the Argentine wizard claim that standing on Omiya Stadium's pitch is as much of a thrill as reaching the high school championship match.

Unlike most stadiums build at the same time, Omiya is not a multipurpose facility, but a soccer-only ground with a very cozy atmosphere. Although the stands are rather small and typically austere, the closeness to the pitch makes Omiya Stadium louder and more energetic than most other small venues. Like their cross-town rivals at Urawa, the Omiya Ardija fans can be very raucous and intimidating to opposing teams when in full voice.

Omiya Park Stadium

Location: Omiya City, Saitama Prefecture   Capacity: 12,500
Home Team(s): Omiya Ardija   Completed: 1964 

Stadium Access

Omiya Stadium is located in the middle of Omiya Park, a very attractive city park with one of the most famous shrines in the greater Tokyo area. The stadium is accessible from Omiya Station, on the JR Saikyo train line, and can be reached in an 30 minute walk through downtown Omiya to the park. There is also a bus service that leaves from the main bus stand outside the east exit of Omiya station, on the JR Tohoku line. Get off at the "Soccer Jo Mae" (soccer stadium) bus stop, which is right in front of the stadium . Omiya Shrine is on the way, if you think your team could use some heavenly benevolence.

Alternatively, Omiya Koen (Omiya Park) on the Tobu Nota train line, takes you to within a 15-minute walk of the stadium, and takes you through the center of Omiya Park.


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Ticket Prices

General admission:
Adults Y1,400; Children Y500
"Stand seats" (reserved):
Adults Y2,500; Children Y1,000
"Special seats" reserved: