Yamagata Stadium
aka. "ND Soft Stadium"

Tenri Town, Yamagata Prefecture

Yamagata Stadium is a typical multipurpose stadium, much like those that you can find in hundreds of small towns throughout Japan. While it was completed fairly recently, in 1991, it is built on the same pattern as so many other 1970-80s era stadiums, with a simple press box and roof covering the prestige seats, and a ring of open stands surrounding the rest of the field. It is not particularly convenient to the nearest station, but it does become a lively venue when it fills up with Montedio fans.

Yamagata Sports Park Stadium

Location:  Tenri Town, Yamagata Prefecture   Capacity: 20,315
Home Team(s): Montedio Yamagata   Completed: 1991


Stadium Access

Yamagata Stadium is located quite some distance from the nearest train station, Tenri station, on the JR Dewa line. For those who do not arrive by car (the most common source of transportation for the local fans, it is possible to take a taxi from Tenri station to the stadium, for about 700 yen. There is a shuttle bus service available from JR Yamagata station, leaving from berth Number 1 at the bus terminal outside the east exit of Yamagata station. However, the buses only operate for a period of about one hour, starting an hour and a half before kickoff, so be sure to arrive promptly or you may be out of luck. All in all, the transport links are not good for those without a car.

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Ticket Prices

General admission:
Adults Y2,000;
Children Y500
Block reserved: