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Vissel Kobe 25th Anniversary Shirt

Vissel Kobe unveil their 25th anniversary official uniform -- modeled by Andres Iniesta

Vissel Kobe 25th Anniversary Shirt
(as modeled by Andres Iniesta)

Vissel have gone back to their roots to give us this superb black and white striped creation to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. It was a traumatic year of birth as the Great Hanshin Earthquake hit the area and the club lost sponsors, income, their training ground... but here we are 25 years later looking back on those nostalgic colours.

The club changed its colours - and official company name to Crimson Football Club - when Hiroshi Mikitani took over. The colour crimson being his (Harvard) university colour. In the year that Vissel win their first two trophies (the Emperor's Cup on new year's day, and then the season-opening "super cup") and enter the Asian Champions League for the first time, the colours come full circle, even if it is just for three matches!

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