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Sendai Stadium

Seats 14,000


Sony Sendai was founded in 1968 and for much of the team's history it remained a small company club representing only the Sendai branch of Sony Corporation. Playing in the Miyagi Prefectural League, they received little attention from head office. With the formation of the J-League in 1993, however, a five-year plan was introduced by club management, which aimed at strengthening the team within the JFL. The following year, Sony Sendai won the Prefectural League title to gain promotion to the regional Tohoku League and by 1997, had claimed three consecutive Tohoku League championships. Indeed, so dominant was Sony that in 1997 it finished with a victory margin of nineteen points over Morioka Zebra and TDK Akita -- not bad for a fourteen-match season! The team was clearly ready for a new challenge, and in 1998 Sony Sendai took its place in the JFL.

The team's performance in the JFL between 1999 and 2004 was somewhat inconsistent, but generally speaking it established itself as a top-half team. The best performance came in 2002, when Sony finished fourth. At the beginning of 2005, Sony got off to a flying start, winning the first six matches of the season. But as the year wore on they began to lose their form, slipping downtable to finish seventh. Since then the team has remained around midtable, with movement up and down the rankings depending more on the number of serious J.League candidates in the running that season, rather than any significant change in Sony Sendai's competitiveness.

The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, in 2011, was a brutal test of the team's resilience, and indeed, the resilience of everyone in the Tohoku region. Sony's operations in Sendai were interrupted for months, and obviously football was not one of the company's top priorities in the effort to rebuild. But employee/ players kept the faith, and after forfeiting 17 of the 34 games in the 2011 season, Sony Sendai was allowed to remain the JFL the following year despite the fact that it had finished in last place. 

The parent company has long expressed its intention to keep Sony Sendai as a completely amateur, company team. This probably is for the best, since the team shares its home town with the wildly popular J2 team Vegalta Sendai. Attendances at home matches average only around 500, reinforcing the image of a true "company team". It is unlikely that Sony Sendai will ever change this stance, and most people in Sendai think this is for the best. Amateur football has an important role to play in Japan's "sports society", and Sony -- together with Honda FC -- is one of the last representatives of the amateur game's glory years, in the 1970s and 80s. Hopefully it will continue to fill this role for many years to come


Team Results: 1999-present

Year Rank Pts GP W D L GF GA G.Dif
1999 5 26 24 9* 1 14 29 42 -13
2000 5 34 21 12* 0 9 50 37 +13
2001 14 32 30 9 5 16 42 63 -21
2002 4 17 30 8 6 3 25 16 + 9
2003 9 45 30 13 6 11 46 44 +2
2004 6 47 30 13 8 9 50 42 +8
2005 7 50 30 15 5 10 49 38 +11
2006 9 37 32 10 7 15 46 59 -13
2007 11 44 34 13 5 16 46 59 -13
2008 9 49 34 15 4 15 53 42 +11
*Prior to 1998 all matches were played to a final result, with extra time and penalty kicks. In 1999 and 2000 draws were introduced, but teams still played two periods of golden goal extra time. "Wins" and ""Losses" for these years include wins and losses in extra time, or on PKs.