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 For the first several years of its J.League existence Tochigi SC's "mascot" was a leaf from the "kaede" tree (a deciduous tree that turns bright red in autumn, somewhat related to the "buckeye" tree of Ohio State fame). Clearly, this sort of mascot was not likely to be a very good source of publicity or merchandising revenue. With all due respect to "Mr. Pitch", characters based on vegetation really do not make a big hit with the kiddies.

 So in 2012, the team added a monkey named "Tokki". The Japanese macaque is a popular animal, with a particularly strong association to the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, located in Tochigi. Tokki proved to be an immediate hit, and has been in the top tier of mascot popularity rankings ever since he joined the show. Tokki still carries a leaf of the kaede tree, for old time's sake. And in case you didnt notice, his earlobes form the letters "SC".

Old Uniforms

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