Ruy Ramos

Position: Midfield
Born: 9-Feb-1957
Height/Weight: 183/65
Birthplace: Brazil
Previous Teams: Yomiuri Club; Verdy Kawasaki; Kyoto Purple Sanga; Kariyushi FC
Appearances (J1/JSL): 79/130 Goals (J1/JSL): 9/60
First Appearance: 15-May-1993 Verdy Kawasaki -vs- Yokohama Marinos (at National Stadium)
First Goal


Despite the fact that he was born in Brazil, and is a naturalised citizen, Ruy Ramos has become the icon of football in Japan, and surpasses even stars like Hidetoshi Nakata or Kazuyoshi Miura as the most widely recognized face and name in the sport. Born "Ruy Goncalves Ramos Sobrinho", in Rio de Janeiro, Ramos moved to Japan in 1977 and joined the Yomiuri Club -- the team which would later become Verdy Kawasaki. Ramos became very attached to his adopted country, married a Japanese woman and settled down in the country. By 1989, he had been living in Japan for 12 years and was highly fluent in Japanese. Feeling certain that he would remain in the country for the rest of his life, he decided to apply for Japanese citizenship. Although other players would later follow in his footsteps, at the time (1989), it seemed almost a revolutionary move.

But Japanese football fans quickly took Ramos to their heart, and he became one of the most popular players on the national team. Though his J.League statistics are not particularly impressive, when one considers that he was already 36 when the league was formed, and continued playing until the age of 42, even his J.League accomplishments are phenomenal. As for his overall record in Japan, he played in 209 league matches (130 in the old JSL) and scored 69 goals (all but 9 prior to the J.League's formation). He also played 35 matches for the Japan national team between 1990 and 1995. When he finally retired from the J.League, at the age of 42, in 1998, his retirement match was a huge media event which drew 48,000 fans and was broadcast live on national TV. Though his J.League career was really just the last fading chapter of a much greater football story, the J.League would have been so much the poorer, had it not been for the great "Carioca".

Photo Year Team Uniform # League Matches Cup Matches
Caps Goals Caps Goals
  1977-92 Yomiuri Club   214 74 72 22
  1993 Verdy Kawasaki   30 4 2 0
  1994 Verdy Kawasaki   26 3 3 0
  1995 Verdy Kawasaki   23 3 0 0
  1996- Verdy Kawasaki   9 0 0 0
  -1996 Kyoto Sanga   10 0 11 2
  1997- Kyoto Sanga   10 0 2 0
  -1997 Verdy Kawasaki   10 0 2 0
  1998 Verdy Kawasaki   29 0 1 0
J.League TOTAL 147 10 21 2