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Reaction to the Proposed J.League Two-Stage Play-Off

Posted on September 12, 2013 ; There have been 1 comment(s)

"If they go ahead with this change, 2014 will be my last year watching J.League. I'm not interested in a manufactured circus" - @spulseukultras


Two Stage anti-display

I'm against any league format where the team with most points might not be the champion, so... #2ステージ制反対 - @J2KantoBites

Kashima Antlers fans ...

Anters Anti 2Stage

A collage from @naoki_po_oq on Twitter


I don't want the J-League back in the past. It's a big mistake #2ステージ制反対 - @nellosplendor



Following #JLeague in Australia and want to say #2ステージ制反対 #NoTo2Stage from 2015! - @flaneurio

it's a piece of s@@t. Nothing less, nothing more. Also unfair to the team who has performed better during the season - @___Dax__

Really despondent about the J. League right now... the appeal is fading fast. After the overwhelming display of opposition this summer (to a Two Stage Championship), this is a huge insult to supporters. #2ステージ制反対 - @spulseukultras

Don't Ignore the Fans!

Dont Ignore Fans

Not to put too fine a point on it - b#ll#cks. Complete b#ll#cks. Desperate bid for something I cannot fathom - @MarkBuckton1970

Kawasaki Frontale fans...

Frontale 2 stage

Frontale again

Playoffs ruin the regular season for me, and this is coming from someone who grew up in an American sports environment - @keiteay

Nagoya Grampus fans...

Grampus 2 stage

Grampus again

I wonder how something that seems confusing (and pointless) to me and most other current observers/fans is going to attract new supporters? - @japanfooty

Urawa Reds fans...

Reds 2 stage

That’s a ridiculous play off system. And almost assuredly one team will occupy more than one spot! if you finish top 2 in 1st stage, what’s the incentive to bother with 2nd stage?- @tgR_tsuru


Sanfrecce Hiroshima fans ...

Sanfrecce 2 stage

The 2 stage plan seems even worse than I thought. Like some American style play off system. Horrible. - @ardija01talk

I don't think the J.League have thought this through. So many flaws with their 5 team playoff. No way the 5 berths will be 5 diff teams! - @moist4life

Vegalta Sendai fans ...

Vegalta 2 stage

The more I read about the proposed system the messier it seems. Confusing and muddled are words that come to mind. I just believe that the champion should be the best team after playing everyone in the league home and away. Simple. - @ardija01talk

Fans of all clubs protested against the 2 Stage system but were ignored by the J.League dictatorship #2ステージ制反対 - @soccerurre1995

Japanese text

Outside JFA House in Tokyo ...

JFA House anti 2 stage

Urawa Reds fans make their feelings known ...

Reds Anti 2 stage

 Cerezo Osaka fans ...

Cerezo anti 2 stage

Albirex Niigata Fans...

Albirex 2 Stage

More From Urawa Reds...

2 Stage Reds

The Stats - overwhelmingly against a Two Stage Format

2 Stage stats

2 Stage explanation


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