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Shimizu S-Pulse 1-0 Jubilo Iwata (pre-season SDT Cup)

Posted on February 18, 2013 ; There have been 0 comments

After Shimizu S-Pulse's 1-0 win over Shizuoka rivals Jubilo Iwata in the SDT Cup, on an early goal from Muramatsu, coach Afshin Ghotbi seemed happy with the performance, and the pre-season showing so far stating, "I was very satisfied with our tactical organisation, form the beginning to the end, and I am sure as we progress as a team the individual performances will improve within the team. I thought we created enough chances to score .. a second or third goal and that's what we have to improve on. But for two and a half weeks preparation, it's fantastic".

He continued, "I think the atmosphere is great in the team... they love to win, and I feel that this is the spirit that is going to achieve something historic this season".

When asked about Brazilian striker Bare, Ghotbi noted, "Everybody expects him to score goals. Today he didn't score, but he brought so much energy and leadership and he was very helpful in getting the result today".

The S-Pulse boss ended with praise for the S-Pulse supporters, "I really love our supporters. They are fantastic and bring so much enthusiasm to the club and I grateful for their trust and belief in my self and this team and hopefully we can make them happy this season".

The Orange Revolution restarts here!

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