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Ida Bagus ‘Kento Toyoda’ Dwi Ambara - Bali's Talent In Japan

Posted on September 21, 2012 ; There have been 2 comment(s)

Ida Bagus Dwi Ambara, soon to be better known in Japan as Kento Toyoda was born in Bali, Indonesia and is currently playing for Yokogawa Musashino FC in the Japan Football League (JFL), Japan’s 3rd tier after J1 and J2.

Kento, who was born on May 3rd, 1994 (175 cm/72 kg for those all-important stats that the Japanese love to mention so often!) is the second son of Ida Bagus Putu Dirga – his Indonesian father - and Yuko Toyoda, his Japanese mother.

Kento's footballing talent has been obvious since his childhood and, in order to improve on this, he played with Canggu Football Academy, Bali Bintang Football Academy, and Udiyana Sanur Football Academy, before he was eventually selected to play for the U15 & U18 teams of Perseden Denpasar, a professional football club based in Bali.

In early 2012, Kento decided to leave Bali and went for a trial with Musashino FC after being told by one of his colleagues about the opportunity. He passed the first stage of the selection process, where he was up against another 50 players. In the second stage, in which 20 players took part, Kento impressed enough and the club offered him a contract.

Besides his footballing talent during the trial with Yokogawa Musashino, Kento recognized that his ability to speak Japanese surely helped his efforts to succeed with the Tokyo-based football club.

"I am grateful to be able to speak Japanese," said the midfielder in Bali's local newspaper some time ago.

After several months of training with Yokogawa, Kento has noted that the training intensity and level in Japan is much higher and more disciplined than in Indonesia but, unfortunately, Kento is currently undergoing rehabilitation, after knee surgery in Tokyo, due to an injury suffered during that training with Yokogawa.

For more on Kento Toyoda and other Indonesian Talent (in Bahasa Indonesian!) check out http://indonesiantalent.blogspot.jp/

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